Dear Sophie is the mid-2000s version of leafing through a stack of dusty love letters between you and your high school sweetheart. Read through the chat logs and messages  from the early stages of an online relationship.

If you are playing the web version, please full-screen the game. Some things don't look right in the embedded version.

The game takes about 30 minutes to finish.

There are no volume options, so please adjust your sound in your system settings.

Mac and Windows versions are available below the credits.

Art and Audio Credits

Written and Performed by Noela St. Nicolous

Mint Leaf Vector Art from OpenClipart-Vectors on pixabay.com
Loading Sound created by RCP Tones
Beach Wave Sounds recorded by Klankbeeld from freesound.org
UI Sounds sampled from sounds created by johnthewizar from freesound.org
Notification Sound created by JFRecords from freesound.org
Synth Music created by 5P4C3_C4173T from freesound.org


Dear Sophie (Windows) 25 MB
Dear Sophie (Mac) 29 MB


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Now ths is really sad. Been on several online relationships before and this is on point! Dating people you will never see in person bc they're from the other side of the world. Sad and happy that pills got to meet someone he can be with in real life. Sophie should have waited until they're both mature and ready to see each other though but hey, they were young so, understandable. Overall, this is a masterpiece. Hoped it was longer but I enjoyed it sooo much! Where can I find VN's like this one though? hmmm


That was super good! Pretty short, I hoped to maybe see Sophie talk to the others in her offline list, but the concept of this is very close to me as I'm in an ldr and I haven't met my partners yet. Unlike Sophie, I'm very willing to wait as long as it takes to be with them. Honestly got kind of mad at Sophie, though I can understand her points. I'm glad pills found someone who will treat them right. ^^ Super cool concept though! You nailed the late 2000s messenger vibe lmao


Damn. Hit way too close to home. Short but great game!


That's all? That was pretty Short. i was hoping for more! ;-;


Okay, so she emailed him a picture, but he never at once thought to email her on her email rather than on Minty?